How to configure the SATO D512 printer driver for use with CourierPost Connect-it



Purpose & Scope

The reccomended printer for use with Connect-it at the time of writing is the SATO D512 printer. Contact CourierPost for more information regarding printer and label supply.

The following steps should be followed when preparing the SATO D512 printer for use with Connect-it.


  1. Plug in the printer to the power supply.
  2. Attach the USB to the computer.
  3. The printer should auto-detect and install its own driver automatically.
  4. Go to the Printers panel, and look for SATO D512.
  5. Right-click the printer name and select Properties.
  6. Navigate to the Advanced tab and click Printing Defaults…
  7. AdvancedTab

    Figure 1: Advanced Tab

  8. Navigate to the Options tab and use the following settings.
  9. OptionsTab

    Figure 2: Options Tab

  10. Click OK when you’re done.
  11. Navigate to the General Tab, and click Printing Preferences…
  12. GeneralTab

    Figure 3: General Tab

  13. Make sure that the user preference settings under the Options tab agree with the defaults that were configured in step 7.
  14. Click Cancel when you’re done.
  15. Navigate to the Printer Settings Tab and use the following settings:
  16. PrinterSettingsTab

    Figure 4: Printer Settings

  17. Click OK when you’re done.

The printer should now be ready for use with CourierPost Connect-it.


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